TGD End of Year Party!

Hello all!  We have 47 confirmed!  This is going to be some party!  If you haven’t confirmed and plan to come, please let me know by tomorrow evening so I can firm up our food order with Shalon. 

 There is no way my tiny abode would hold you all unless we wanted to stand shoulder to shoulder.  So Mark and Wendy Brooke have graciously offered their home to have our party.  I will coordinate food and Rhonda Safford is taking care of beer.  We will have various flavors of burritos (chicken, beef, and veggie) and taco fixins from Taco del Sol.  The plan is 2 kegs of Blackfoot beer.  I will pick up some various soda pop and ice for kids or those who prefer no alcohol.  If you prefer a glass of wine, please bring your favorite bottle along.


What to bring –

Please bring along a white elephant to exchange.  The item must be bike, swim, or run related.  Have fun with this…it can be an old chain ring, bike tool, part, swim goggles, bike socks, etc. or it can be brand new if you prefer.  Please no used clothes that were used against particular body parts (Mark’s request).  Please wrap or place in a bag so the item cannot be identified prior to opening.    


We will plan to eat, socialize, and exchange our white elephants.  This should be a really fun evening of celebration of the end of season 2008 and ringing in 2009.  I think Sarah plans to bring the unclaimed podium hats and if she hasn’t already placed the tri jersey order, probably last call for that as well. 


Date and time:  This Friday January 9th.  6pm until 9:30pm

Please email with any questions!



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