Rally Ride Report 4-7-2009

Here’s the rally ride report!

So there I was, sitting at home thinking hmmm, Rally Ride or Byrons ride? Oh yeah I told Jody I’d meet him there! I saddled up the trusty steed and galloped over to the rendezvous point. Spring Meadow at 6pm. I rode up all gassed up and ready to go! Jody had ridden in from the hacienda on Lincoln road and was raring to go, soon we were joined by Greg, Jane and the irrepressible Raz!
Riding out country club, we transitioned into the smooth workings of a paceline. (As smooth as it can be with 2 triathletes) As soon as we hit the second set of tracks Greg took off, I was second wheel and waited for a response from the others. Nothing, I attempted to jump on, but a lack of training as well as ability held me back! I ended up getting tweened as no one attempted to bridge to me until Raz utilized his unfair tri (read geek) bar and caught me, I attempted to slide into his slipstream but apparently the first ride of the year was testing Raz’s superior fitness and there was little or no advantage to be found.
Greg attacked the hill and held steady, I kept up a grinding pace, alternately dropping Raz and then gaining on Greg. Finally I dropped Raz and set my sights on Greg. I lied and told myself I was getting fit, rather than admit Greg might have been resting. He was. As soon as I came abreast of him, he gave a dig that put me so far into oxygen debt that the federal budget will be repaid before I recover. We crested closed together with Greg cheering me on. I cheered him on as well by whispering words inside my head.
Raz was 3rd , then Jane with Jody bringing up the rear and waiting for a flatter section.
The second leg started with Greg once again attacking. We all made his wheel this time and held on until he slowed down. Greg recovered at the front, as none of the first losers were willing to come around. It was right around this time that Greg must have got worried. He attempted to make a cell phone call for reinforcements and dropped it. I was busy ducking parts and Jane realized what it was. Pulling up short we went back to look for the phone. It was found in 2 pieces one the phone, the other the battery, the last call made was 911, must have been calling for help?
Once back on the road attacks began coming hard and fast, Jane went with Greg and I went with Sanchez, bad choice on my part! Greg took the sprint, Jane second, Sancho third , the “King” 4th and Raz a spirited 5th.
Only one leg left! The Lincoln road dash! We had picked up Shane Mundt after rescuiing him in a barrow pit and he was determined to get his power workout in. Shane flogged it over hill and dale with Sanchez alternating knowing the Hacienda was coming before the final hill! I took one dig and realized that drinking beer and smoking cigars doesnt replace training! Greg took the hill sprint, Jane second, Raz third, Shane and I discussed Play Station 3 over the top, but I think I beat him over the line. Sanchez no where to be found!

Hope to see more of you out next week!


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