Rally Ride Report 4-12-2009

Tuesday evening Rally Ride post mortem:

So there I was, 5:55 at Spring Meadow Park last night after a pleasant 12 mile warm-up towards the pass and back. So, “where is everyone” I thought to myself – “wind’s not too bad, roads are dry, its 42 degrees, hmmm… Oh well, I guess I get to win all the stages on this one”, and 6 PM rolled around without another wheel to suck…

So I took all the top honors last night, inspite of tired pegs… and the riding was good.

Ooh well … this Sunday – training race down on the Cardwell course – once or twice Not for me!) around – starting from Lewis and Clark Caverns, and the following Sunday we have our first official MBRA road race of the season the Rocky Mountain Roubaix near Frenchtown.

I hope you all can get to them.

Robert Ray


Robert I checked my thermometer and it said 39, then I checked the weather report, winter storm warning! The hills looked like they had clouds on them, my brain kicked in and said that fireplace will be way more comfy!
Sorry, I’m just getting soft in my old age.

Byron DeFord


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