Rally Ride 4-21-2009

Greetings from Byronia,

So there I was, sitting at work when I realized Rapid Robert had not sent out his usual notice for the Rally Ride. (Tuesdays at 6pm, Springmeadow Lake, apparently this has not been made clear, as most of you failed to show up!) So any ways, back to my story. There I was sitting at work, when I started a little trash talking on the list serve about the Rally Ride. Mostly a gentle reminder, as opposed to real trash talking, but rest assured, it’s much easier to talk from the comfort of an office chair than the seat of a bike facing a stiff wind!
I was first at the lake and was soon joined by Robert, as we searched Country Club drive for sign of riders, we spotted one lone pink jersey heading our way. Either the toughest man in Helena or a female velocipedist. Soon the inimitable style of Jane confirmed our first guessd we took off into the wind with Robert leading our way. On the supposed warmup, I glued myself to Roberts wheel, unfortunately for Jane, she had purchased the house brand of “Elmers” and was starting to peel off like a chiquita banana sticker on a week old plantain. Robert being in a good mood and most likely counting his wins already cheerfully dropped back picked Jane up, went to the front and promptly set a pace destined to bring heart rates up to the danger zone. Just imagine what the racing was going to be like!
So guess who attacked at the tracks? If you guess Robert you are right! We chased until the hill, where Robert looked back and circled back for us! By this time I was alone and had been tweened again! Robert rode by my side and I actually took a few digs which he responded to so well, that he was able to ride a way from me and have time to circle back again! At the sprint it was Robert, me and Jane.
The next section the rollers to Lincoln road! An attack by Robert, Jane and I covered this one! We were almost ready to high five each other when the skinny little runt attacked again! I missed the wheel and drove myself on to Janes wheel, at which time she decided to take a dig. Thanks! I was able to hang and we chased each other to the final sprint. Robert kept teasing me by staying just close enough for me to think I might catch, but no such luck. Second verse same as the first.
We hit the last section with a fury that was only bested by the vicious tailwind. I knew my chances were slim but I thought I’d try to ride clever and take advantage of Roberts competitive fires, but today Robert was in control of his emotions today as well as riding a 53 to my 52. I sat on his wheel and caught my breath. Robert must have caught his too as he started driving faster. If spinning faster is the new mantra, I highly recommend a compact crank and a spin down Lincoln road with our normal spring winds. Robert crested the hill and I felt fortunate that I could still see him. Jane cruised to the top as best as one can cruise while cramping up.
We did the big flat cruise on the way in and received prizes for our efforts! Wow! What a night, warm weather, flat out riding with a tailwind. The three of us hope to see more of you on the ride so we can confirm our conditioning status!

Byron DeFord


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