Rally Ride 5-12-2009 (also Belt Omnium report)

Hey teamies,

So guess who showed up at the Rally Ride tonight? Me and none other but the Belt Ominum first place Masters’ A finisher Dave Landstrom (the big race this past Saturday outside of Grat Falls). Yeah. An unfortunate timing thing (for me)… he was just in town for some work related business and starting out an evening cruise at the same time that I rolled out of Spring Meadow State Park thinking about … packing it in and riding home?

So I had to show him that Team Great Divide may not be fast, but we ain’t no wimps.. it was brutal out there with 20 – 40 mph westerly winds and damn cold. He definitely provided more of the windbreak and the hurt than me, but I wound up repaying him by providing him with a tube when he flatted on Green Meadow just before Tenmile Creek.

So think about the famous you could have rubbed elbows with, if you had shown up today and what about next week? I won’t be there, but if you’re not, you’ll never know who you might have missed… Lance? Tom Boonan? Juila Roberts?


The Belt Omnium: new course both TT and road – both very little traffic and challenging. Not my TT course = mostly flat – out and back 10 mile. I finished in 24:41 7 of 8 in the Masters A (winning time – 23:10 Dave Lanstrom, and overall 20:42, cat.1 rider Dave Vischekfor Team “Rideclean”).

I did much better in the road race, 45 miles of flat, then hilly terrain, finishing fifth in the final lead pack sprint. The road race had a combined master’s field of 27 (nine as and 18 Bs). Nine cat 1,2s with Brad Morgan of GAS finishing first (Scott and frank 7th and 8th). Eight cat 3 riders, and a big pile of cat 4’s

New Course? I liked the road course. except for the 2 180 degree turns and haing to race through the town of Highwood. Time trial course? Too flat for me… also don’t like the 180 degree turn around after a short climb and then slight downhill.

Would I do it again? You bet!


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