Rally Ride 5-19-2009

Chad Dexter and I were the only riders tuff enough for the Rallyride in the ferocious wind last night, it was nice to have some fresh blood out there but certainly could have used some more riders in the peloton to break the wind. Next week is Cow Country Classic so we need to get some more bodies out there for some actual race simulation, if we get enough people we can even have teams to try some new tactics rather than me just sprinting ahead of everyone.

Eric – I keep telling people that you are not a “has been” but your lack of riding is making you look like a “never was.”

Byron – “I’m not ready to race, I’m not ready to race, I’m not ready to race, waaaah.” Just show up and take it like a man.

Jody – Do you realize elk season is only 3 short months away?

Triathletes – You are welcome and can get a great benefit from learning to ride in a bike race. For safety you must have your hands on the drop bars with the brakes readily accessible when riding in a pack. When you get dropped and you are all alone you can ride in the aerobars.

Phil – You sound like a triathlete wannabe, “It’s too windy outside, I’ll just ride the trainer today.”

Laura – No need to swim next week, come to the Rallyride, you know you want to, bring Janet with you.

Randy – We all know you can kick everyone’s A$, but come on out anyway, it will be good intensity training for Xterra.

Scott – “Blah, Blah, Blah, I had cancer, Blah, Blah, Blah.” You rode strong on the cow country loop a couple of weeks ago, no more excuses.

Keith – Have a good cry with the ladies on Monday and come on out, bring your gal-pal Jason for moral support.

Trevor, Craig, & Mark – Do these guys even ride their bikes anymore?

Velo fellas – Scott, Frank, Rick and Shane, Take a break from your super-secretive training regiment, come ride and share your bike racing knowledge.

Chad will recruit some Big Sky Team riders, so let’s get a decent group next week as a primer for the Cow Country Classic on Sunday.



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