Valley Time Trial – May

ANNOUNCEMENT: Hill Climb Time Trial this Thursday – 6:30 start time. Meet on Park Ave., across from library. Finish line is near the end of the pavement in Unionville, approximately 4 miles. Prizes for everyone!

Time Trial Results:

For May, the conditions were superb this past Thursday for the first time trial of the year. The temperature was up, hovering around 80 degrees at 6:30, with a steady wind. Oh, and we have experienced far worse, haven’t we? The wicked wind from the west was devilish, perhaps, but far from depraved. The times reflected the tolerable conditions.

A mere nine seconds separated the top four male finishers at the first Valley Course time trial. Rick Finley and Dave Hamer tied at 14:36; followed by Greg Wirth at 14:40 and Robert Ray at 14:45 Bill Ramsay took 4th at 15:50 followed by Paul Sebens at 16:58, and Byron at 17:01.

On the women’s side, Sarah Slanger took top honors with a 16:18 followed by Jane O’Driscoll nipping at her heels with a 16:26. Peggy Stringer road a strong 17:09 and Patty (Mastin or is it Ramsay now?) flew home with an 18:49. Not bad, Patty, for a first timer, but not so fast! Patty is actually a Valley Course record holder! Ah, the Time Trial Director has a memory like an African Bush Elephant! On July 13, 2006, Patty and Bill set the Valley Course tandem team record at 16:49, which has withstood the test of time for almost three years! Sorry, Patty, no Montana sticker for you!!

Oh, but I digress. Nice work everyone! And I must say, there’s no better way to light up the face of a time trial finisher than to hand him or her a box of refreshing YooHoo as a prize for a job well done! This week: the sardines return!!

From the flashback department: When Rick rolled up, sporting his crisp, new caramel and cream Montana Velo kit, I couldn’t help but flashback to days of yore, when me and my buddies were hanging out in my parent’s basement listening to Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti and in walks (let’s call him Rick), wearing white pants, a floral polyester shirt buttoned down past his sternum, and (gulp!) a gold chain! Dude! You’ve gone disco! (I’m not sure if we said “dude” way back then, but it sure sounds right). And then as the jeers subsided we started a serious argument with Rick about why the Bee Gees are NOT a rock band until he told us his older brother would buy us beer that night, so we said okay. And we decided without saying a word that he was still one of us and, together, we all listened to Cheech and Chong’s Big Bambu. There’s a moral to this story somewhere, I think.

See ya Thursday, everyone!!

Scott Fisk


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