Rally “Hell” Ride 6-2-2009

OK, Here goes for the June 2 Hell Ride report (how did I get stuck with this? – Byron told me to- so why do I have to listen to him?),

Great turn out – we had nine riders this past Tuesday. And I made no statements about hanging back this time (and note: no excuses about lack of legs due to the Cow Country Classic (CCC) Race on Sunday – but I considered it…). I did suggest it might be a faster ride because of the wind out of the S/SE

Sarah Slanger had to remind Byron in the pace line that he shouldn’t talk smack unless he’s ready to back it up with some challenges, so off we went up the first hill… I think the CCC did put a Slowness on several people’s legs. Jason Ames (who didn’t race the CCC) led the charge up the to the fire house and never was challenged by those behind him… Eric Lindle pulled a strong 2nd until I passed him as he eased up before the Last Chance chapel sign (I think he let me take second from him, being a nice guy – or was it because I told him the finish line was closer than it realy is?). 

Other rolled in, not too spread out – Sarah Slanger leading in the following group (you go!). Out we went to the next “Hot Spot”, with Dave Hamer who did the CCC taking a fly. Jason Ames chased him down about halfway, but they were off the front until the sign, with Dave pulling out a first-rate sprint. I took a fly after Sarah had done most of the work for the group we were in, and Eric L. was once again right there to push past me, but then we traded places again right before the finish.  

Re-group and off again, with a slight wind shift and still in our favor and fast paced line down 200 with Sarah pulling (yes Eric, you can draft off of Sarah, even with small wheels, it is cool…). Dave once again out there, but with the wind, not much hope of getting away from the pack. Everyone trying to let others do the work on this section, Final sprint – Jason, Robert, Eric(?), but Sarah right there too…

The group split up at Applegate – with about half deciding to go the Masonic Loop. Gorgeous evening great ride.  Prizes went to Jason, and Sarah (I kept mine). Too Bad if you missed it, maybe next time?



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