June Hill Climb TT

Results from last week:

Eleven riders showed up for last week’s first hill climb time trial. It was a fine evening, 66 degrees at the summit, with no wind—a clam before the storm. Sarah Slanger appears the early front runner for the queen’s crown, edging Meghan Trainor by a mere 3 seconds (19:52 to 19:55) to claim first—again. Sarah took the first Valley time trial just one week ago. Who will stop the Darling from Darby? Stay tuned! In third was Jane O’Driscoll, 20:54, followed by Rhonda at 26:16.

On the men’s side, one of those crazy Velo birds calling himself “The Flying Dutchman” (Karl V.), flew up the slopes to Unionville, jeering the rest of the field along the way, in 14:24, well ahead of course record holder Scotty Herzig, who took second in 14:57. Sure, the Flying Dutchman breathes hard and coughs and sputters like the rest of us, but oh, he makes it look so easy. But who could forget that August evening 8 years ago (has it really been 8 years??) when a much younger Scotty said no to the small chain ring and scorched the field with a 13:56!! TGD’s Robert Ray donned his silver bean shield as if preparing for time travel and claimed third, with a time of 16:44. The rest: Mick Karls 17:52; Shane Mundt, 17:57; Dave Hamer, 19:26, and Phil, 19:37. Nice work everyone!



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