Hell Ride 7-7-2009

Six of us gathered lakeside for our weekly grunt on ol’ Birdseye, the lake was full of multi-colored swim caps as most triathletes decided to swim prior to the Spring Meadow Triathlon, which essentially is a lame excuse as to why they are not tuff enuff to hang with roadies. As we began our paceline out along the railroad tracks my well worn tires succumbed to a tiny piece of glass which was discovered promptly after inflating a brand new tube, lucklily Byron had an old extra tube, that was patched like his spandex, and Mark lent me his pump which was only capable of 60 psi inflation. As everyone waited patiently for my repair, Jason showed up barking about how we all left early and he was on time. The rest of the ride entailed some pack riding and with me trying to chase down Jason for the sprints on underinflated tires with a very fun sprint at Lincoln Road where he was able to hold me off by a half of a wheel.

I was expecting more riders to dust off their bikes and show with the start of the tour and the excitement for bike racing. I’ve been hearing some rumors but I thought I’d share the excuses for all to hear.

Gail has finally had enough post-race dance embarrassments caused by Randy and she has enrolled him in dance lessons which unfortunately are scheduled for Tuesday nights. What Gail doesn’t know is that he signed up for European techno-funk instead of contemporary swing. He showed me some of his moves the other day and he is quite nimble for a lanky white guy and it was only mildly innappropriate. He also has a renewed use for all that neon spandex from the 80’s and he has been feverishly downloading David Hasselhoff music to his ipod.

Eric has been spotted on some Hellrides so he must have finished his slipper knitting project. He excitedly told me about his new endeavor, he is working on a pattern to knit us all team arm warmers for next year.

Craig Pozega is working with school aged children over the summer break, teaching them how to properly whine.

Russ works on Tuesday night, but the real reason for the job is that his fragile ego needs the constant attention from all the pre-teen girls (and boys) that frequent the pizza joint.

Furlong, there was something on the swimming listserve about Steve helping him shave his body, that’s all I read and I don’t want to know anything more.

Where has little miss trash talking Laura Erickson been?

Greg Wirth


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