Onion Man race report

Onion Man race report

Five TGD folks showed up in Walla Walla to claim the coveted Onion title. How could you not want to be an Onion Man after all?

Evan, Jason, Carolyn, Peggy and I all had to endure a brisk lake, rumored to be 58. However, the sunshine on the beautiful bike course warmed us back up. Personally, I did not see Evan on the course, but cheered Jason, Carolyn and Peggy as they went by. As always, there were good spirited racers along the way, and some complainers.

My age group was much more competitive than last year, by over 15 minutes, so any thoughts of an age group placement were gone quickly. The swim was a little tough as it took me a while to get into rhythm. My bike leg was normal and my run was better than usual. It was a fun day and a well organized race.

Congratulations to Evan who took 5th overall in a very competitive field! Jason was 8th in his competitive age group, Peggy won her age group, Carolyn was 8th her age group, and I was 5th in my age group.



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