SFTT 6-3-2010 Hill Climb

Weather Conditions: 61 degrees and windy
Number of Riders: 6 men, 2 women

Winners: Karl Wanderwood (a.k.a. the flying dutchman) and Jen Griggs

Eight riders braved the headwinds Thursday night to participate in the SFTT. Rick Finley and Dave Hammer immediantly began bickering to each other about who was the slower climber (a new spin on trash talk). Robert was there, not feeling fast and skeptical of his starting placement behind Greg Wirth. Both riders rode strong, with Greg squeaking out a 2 second advantage over Robert. Abrey Curtis came in next, the last of the men to finish in the 18 minute range. Rick and Dave rounded out the male riders, both working hard and wondering why the heck they show up to these hill climbs (it is for the prizes!!). Rick shaking his head, and Dave with blood on his face (he can fill in the details if he chooses). Marisa was the second place female rider, keeping a close pace to Jen and riding a strong effort at 20 seconds off the winning time.
Thanks to all the bikers, let’s get more folks out next week.


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