Monday Women’s Ride: aka Ann Gilbert’s Ride…. or maybe not

I’d like to preface this with “I am not in charge”. WIth that said……….

Monday evening promises 66 and sun. Should we believe it?? Ride leaving from parking lot beside Blackfoot Brewery. This ride is for women. Women who have 1) not been on their bikes on the road this year, 2) women who have a road bike and wonder what it feels like to ride it, 3) women who have said at least once this year “i am not fast enough to go on a group ride”, 4) women who have a hot new outfit bought at a killer sale deal and are dying to share 5) women who think they are too young or too old to ride in a group. Any woman who has been on a group ride this year will not be allowed to ride in front. Women who have done a competitive event will ride at the back of the pack and provide stimulating conversation to their ride buddy (as long as the shoulder allows) including what the best pad is for biking (mini, maxi, thick, thin), how many pockets are really needed in a bike jersey, opinions on “Sex in the City 2”, famous women politicians including our own Karen Powell who will be making calls as we ride, and, why it’s really stupid to try and ride fast in the wind and rain just because it’s Tuesday.

We’ll ride out toward Colorado Gulch, maybe up it a bit, and then back to the Blackfoot for pizza and beer to support MEIC. I believe the following Monday the Blackfoot community event is for “Girls Thrive” the YMCA program to get young girls more active and we should plan to be there in full force. As as I said, I’m not in charge (and will be out of town), so someone rally the troops.



3 thoughts on “Monday Women’s Ride: aka Ann Gilbert’s Ride…. or maybe not

  1. Thanks for the shout out Ann! Slight correction: the Girls Thrive! party at the Blackfoot is the following Monday, June 21, 5:30-7:30. Sweaty/hungry/thirsty bikers are very welcome! A worthy cause to benefit Helena’s girls and perfect carb-recovery. 🙂

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