Hell Ride Report 6-8-2010

So…I got nominated to write up the Hell ride report. I will try to give it justice.

We had a great turnout for the nice weather. Wind calmed down and close to 20 guys showed up. The main attraction of the night though was definitely Landon Beckner coming out for his first Hell ride. Herzig was there to show him the ropes along with Dad (who I later heard had already put in 2.5 hours on the MTB). We headed out at the normal pace with some instruction given to Landon on pace line riding. Birdseye was mostly a tempo pace with things not getting too hard until the last stretch. Herzig and Landon were on the front pulling just hard enough to deter most attacks. Things started to go though with Eric L. attacking twice up the hill but things mostly came together with a group of 9 on the last part of the hill. Then Greg attacked with Marc R. from Big Sky and road away to take first and second. Nice job Greg. We then headed down the hill. A few attacks and then Greg put in another dig and started a long attack that got caught by Herzig with me on his wheel just at the line. Herzig led me out and boom no go. I could not come past and Scottie got the second sprint with Greg second and me hanging on for third. We headed out on our third leg and I immediately attacked (only to find out later that it is supposed to be neutral to the tracks). Shane and Mark B bridged up to me after a bit while Scottie chased us down by himself. It then blew up with several attacks and Robert got to the top of the hill first followed closely by Dave “the” Hammer. We cooled down nicely on the way back. Overall points leader for the Hell ride was Greg who received a tube for his efforts. Great turnout and a great ride. I hope I can keep getting out to these things.

Rick Finley


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