Boise Ironman Report

Carolyn Keller, Aubrey Curtis, Matt Kinsler, and myself landed in Boise for the 70.3 Ironman (that’s a half Ironman- 1.2/56/13). The race boasts a “unique” 2 pm start. Evan would love it because he could eat about 3 breakfasts but it’s a little odd to figure out what to do with that much time before a race. One would have thought I might be able to get to a shuttle on time… . (sorry Aubrey) Last year Boise had rain, lots of it, and this year we had wind, lots of it. The point to point course provided about 20% tailwind. That was good!! From the start…….Lucky Peak Reservoir was about 60 degrees. Sounds cold but wasn’t a problem. Felt good. Really good. My wave was the first one behind the pros and it was great to be out in front of the pack of 1300 age groupers to follow. Small waves on the return to shore but the afternoon winds were just waiting for us to hit the bike. Headwind down off the hill, side winds on the 30 mile dogleg, and headwinds back in to town. I am most amazed by how sore my groin muscles are just from holding on to the bike. I can’t figure out how those guys with the disc wheels were staying upright. It would appear that the bike leg took a toll on all of us. The run was tough. I’m not sure slowing the bike down would have helped because I think most of the energy was spent just hanging on to it. There were a fair amount of folks bailing after the bike, including pro Chris Lieto, but not the Helena racers. We pushed on around the Green Belt 2 loop course where the heat was evident but shade was adequate. Carolyn finished in a 6:40, Aubrey got a 12th place with a 5:11 (did your age group winner really run a :59??), Matt finished in 6:08, and me a 6:17 with an age group 3rd (damn that run).



One thought on “Boise Ironman Report

  1. Great job Helena. I had my first DNF on a race ever in my life. Last year did it in 5:35. This year hoping to break that. Anyhow made it half way through the run and lost my vision. Makes it a bit hard to see where to go. Enjoyed a good hour in Medical trying to figure what in the hec happened??? Anyhow……………so GREAT to see u guys there!!! 🙂

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