Heck Ride Report 6-15-10

Heck Ride 6.15.10

Twelve hearty souls showed up in the bitter rain for the ominous Heck Ride. We started out for our warm up and as we passed the second set of railroad tracks you could feel the excitement crackling in the air, which only grew as we kept the smooth pace up the first good climb and on toward the little schoolhouse.

Somebody had to do something by then, right?? Well, who better to lead the first hard core attack than the brave, the gallant, Sir Byron, who soared past us as if we were standing still and leading a pack of vicious riders!

But, with a climb coming up and a Justin Beiber song in my head, I knew now was as good a time as ever to make my attack! So with an OK from Scotty I put my head down and launched out of the group. Having pulled into the lead I turned around hoping that I might have managed to put, maybe, a couple of feet between me and the peloton, but was surprised that the gap I had made was larger than I expected. So seeing Greg blazing up behind me I decided to let him catch up just to make it a bit more interesting. Yet as it turned out, it was more interesting than I planned. Greg caught up, passed me, and I barely had time to wave goodbye before he was just a dot on the horizon.

After Mark’s epic sprint to the finish, everybody made their way to the fire station for a momentary rest. Then we were off again for our next round of fun. Even before the first climb you guys blew past me like you had rockets strapped to your seat posts so I’m afraid I missed a lot of the action. From what I heard, there was an incredible sprint finish put out by Greg and Shane who were followed close behind by Dave, the Hammer! The final standing for that stage went Shane, Greg, and Dave. Great job to all of you guys! In that stage, in particular, it looked like a lot of effort was put out. Nice work!!

The third and final stage of the brutal Tour de Heck Ride was a fast paced and exciting leg. It began with “Robert the Unstoppable” shooting past everybody so fast that we didn’t even have time to think before he was 300 yards away and stayed that way until the end. Soon after, attacks were going from left and right all the way to the devasting final climb. The climb is probably only 600 yards long but it feels like 10 miles, still it is all worth it when you get to the top and you realize “I just completed the Heck Ride.”

My hats off to all of the women who came out to the Heck Ride yesterday, Jane, Megan, and Jennifer! You rode like animals out there and I mean that in the best way!!

But, I must say I was a little disappointed with the number of triathletes showing up. I mean, I know it’s hard to grasp the concept of riding without aero-bars but I’m telling you the Heck Ride does help your riding! Thanks so much to everybody that came out! I really do enjoy this ride so much and appreciate all of your help out there! Nice job everyone! See you soon-Landen


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