SF TT Hill Climb 6-17-2010

A cool (cold) 44 degrees and windy conditions were not enough to deter 8 riders from challenging their lungs and legs last night for the second hill climb of the season. Despite the inclement weather, 3 of the 4 riders who rode both hill climbs improved upon their times.
Jane and Meghan represented for the women, Meg getting the added bonus/practice for changing a flat tire under time constraints. She discovered her flat tire with 3 minutes until start time, was able to re-focus and race hard to a respectable time of 22 flat. Jane was unstoppable however, pounding up that hill in a time of 21:39 to take first place for the women (it’s all that hard work on the track Jane!!!)
For the men, the standard competition between Greg and Robert Ray continued (neither of them would risk not showing up and “giving” the other easy points). Greg rode from the back of the pack, without threat of upcoming races to hold him back. He took over a minute off his previous time, winning the men’s race in 16:58. Robert came in next (legs cramping from the “heck” ride on Tuesday), with a time of 17:55, bettering his time from the first climb by over 10 seconds. Great effort Robert! Third place finisher was newcomer Erik Makus, riding a 18:01. Greg, my prediction is that Erik will have you in his sights if he continues to ride the TT series. Watch out!! Rick’s smack talk to Dave held true last night, Rick riding a 20:37 and Dave a 20:57 for a 4th and 5th place finish….but Rick, that’s only 20 seconds difference this ride versus just under a minute last time……Dave is coming for you!!!! Rounding out the athletes for the night was Phil W. riding his first hill climb of the year and remembering how much fun they are. Phil recorded a time of 23:19, a great starting time for the series and one which will surely decrease as the summer continues. Thanks to all the folks who came out to ride last night.
Next week we will be out on the valley course for a 12 mile time trial. Yes, that’s right. A two loop valley course to give a bit more practice for those riders looking to get fit for the state time trial as well as those triathletes training for oly’s or 1/2 IM’s. I am excited to throw this into the team training schedule. I will be able to record your 1/2 split at the second turn (the start). We will be offering this extended course once a month, so the schedule will be valley, hill, long valley. Questions/comments contact either Greg or myself.
thanks teamies,


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