Hell Ride Report 6-22-2010

So there I was, sitting in the group, trying to count the riders, trying to figure out which way we were rotating , then trying to figure out why that way was correct. By the time I had all the math figured out, 13 riders, rotate to the right, and because Scott said so, we had crossed the track and the racing was on. The pace was hard over the first hill but with 13 riders and increased fitness no one was willing to attack. The group stayed together on Birdseye hill with the Melo Velo boys picking up the pace and spitting the pretenders off the back. The most amazing thing was watching Steve Field hanging on like he used to 25 pounds ago, until the big boys attacked. The finish was rumoured to be taken by longtime Montana strongman Scooter Herzig over the not so flying dutchman Karl Vanderwolf. I am sorry to report that the 3rd place finisher escaped me. If it was you fell free to edit this post.
The second section of the rollers was an unusual tactical ride with a stiff headwind no one was willing to attack. The pace was still fast and the jockeying for wheels almost deadly as losing one meant you were going to be popped off the back. Through the Silver Creek dip, everyone was together and the attacks started coming. Only problem is that the old finish line sign, the T was back and now contended with the new finish line sign. (Stop ahead) Most racers went for the safer option of the T, but Battling Shane Mundt went for the new one and still believes he won. I was off the back trying to catch my breath and conserve for the Lincoln road showdown and missed the finish, so I have no idea who won and quite honestly I’m not all that concerned. You know who you are and that will have to be good enough this time.
The Lincoln Road derby started right away with Randy Beckner attacking after the tracks. Somehow Mark Reinsel made this wheel. Then the most amazing thing I have seen he came back to the group! The pace was lackadaisical as Randy built his lead. Finally a response was made from the pack. Who the hell is that? Steve Field? WTF! Going to the front and reliving his glory days, he inexorably pulled the Green Demon back. Sitting on his wheel were Mark R & Dave (the Hammer). They let him sit out front despite Janes insistence to pull around and help him. Finally deciding that if you needed someone to do a mans job, send a woman, Jane went to the front and relieved some of Mr. Fields stress. I also helped out and we were reeling the big fella back, like he was a trout being played on the line. The Melo Velo boys, were out back and apparently changing in a phone booth because this ride was going to get animated! With the catch being imminent and there teammate no longer protected, they threw down and threw down hard. Riders were falling off the back like bricks on level 10 of Tetris. Fast, furious and watchout or youd be caught by one. The hill came, climbers climbed, sprinters sprinted, I rode, kept a good pace up the hill, didnt quit and finished not 13th but not 1st.  Some  one won, some one else was 2d, well you get the point.
At the Laibation station we regrouped, Robert gave me my assignment and I went wow. Wonder who won, guess I wasn’t too concerned! I hope all of the winners and top finishers aren’t too disappointed at not getting there pub, but the point of the Hell Ride is to try, to mix it up, go a little, or sometimes a lot) beyond what you thought was possible.

Til next Tuesday!



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