SFTT Valley 20K 6-24-2010

What!?  80 degrees, the slightest of breezes, and only 6 riders showing up to ride?!  (and only Robert Ray and Rick Finley had legit reasons for not riding) Velo boys??  Women Riders??  Triathletes??  and with the tour fast approaching, what kind of shape are you going to be in to sit on your couch and coach the boys in yellow up the mountains??

Anyway, a SUPERB effort to all riders last night, wow!  Valley One times were obliterated, even with this being a two lap course.  Scottie, no joke, Greg is getting closer and closer to you.  To start off the evening, Ann Seifert pulled herself out of TT retirement to ride a scorching 33:28.  Note:  Her first lap was almost a minute faster than any time posted by a female this year!  Greg rode to first place for the men, employing some road race tactics to overcome the 30 second lead out of Aubrey.  Drafting is legal, just like during the hell ride…..Greg’s first lap was faster than his solo lap from valley one (14:07), and he maintained that pace for a finish time of 28:48.  Aubrey was second at 29:30, despite some lack of motivation and energy early on.  Bryan Johnson hammered out a third place finish of 32:48, squeaking past Raz who finished at 32:58.  Raz, just think, a new; modern helmet might just have given you the 10 seconds needed to grab that third place finish.  Steve Field served as the rabbit for the men, completing his single lap in a time of 15:41.  As a bonus prize for all the hard work on a difficult ride, one of the $50 gift certificates (donated by the windbag-thanks Randy!!) was drawn last night and awarded to Ann.  So Greg maintains his dominance on the men’s side for the TT series, however the women’s race is wide open.  Can anyone dethrone the king of sarcasm?  Try it next week when we will revisit heartbreak hill.  Good luck to all racers this weekend, ride safe and fast…



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