Hell Ride Report 6-29-2010

Once again the boys of summer were out mixing it up in the usual style.  Showing was Scott H. Randall, Randy and his son Landon, Byron, Greg, Eric (not Grove) John  Tietz (sporting his new hardware), Kevin, Robert and myself.  Winds were unusual tonight, coming out of the south which made the conditions interesting.  We decided to race as teams (in theory but less in practice) with Greg helping out the boys in butterscotch (I guess engineers can do the math).

Headmaster Herzig was instructing the group and the first leg got off to a slow start with nobody doing much work until the Big Block hill as the Velo boys starting pulling out chasing Eric with Robert, Randall and Greg following up the lead group.  The finish was reported to be Landon, Scott and Greg.  A complete run for the Velo team.

The next leg started in its usual casual manner until Randy and Landon got something going right around the creek crossing and as Randy led his son out I was chasing Scotty’s wheel and Greg was somewhere in the mix too.  Scott ran a superb race letting Landon stay in the lead until I decided to go around to the left on the windward side of Landon and then Scotty gave chase to the lee.  He was not about to let me get the win but I was able to bring along John riding his stellar steed for a 2, 3 finish for Team Great Divide.  Scotty got me by a nose and rode well always staying to the downwind side in the cross wind.  Lesson number 2.

The last stage was different because of the headwind and nobody except Byron and Randy reportedly wanted to do any work.  While everybody else was sucking wheel we cruised along (I even got to smell the roses) while the train rolled on to the base of the last hill.  I was hoping that John would pull something out at the end with his new Cervelo but alas we led him out too early and he got eaten up by the phalanx of Velo boys.  2/3s the way up the hill I looked at the three Velo boys in front of me and didn’t like the math so I kept turning it over and I was having an out of body experience as my momentum was taking me past Scott when Greg chirped out and Scotty edged me by a nose—again!  I believe Randy was third.

So the Velo boys schooled us in the ways of racing even though they were outnumbered handily.  You can rest assured that your boys in Yellow and Red gave them something to make it interesting and worth their while.  I don’t feel so bad taking second to the former State Road Champion, although it was reported to be his recovery week.

Final stats were interesting.  I think this was probably one of the fastest Hellrides of the season.  My average speed for the course from Green Meadow to the end was 19.5 mph.  Everybody rode very well and strong.  The peleton is getting tighter and it is fun to see guys improve over the season.  Everybody that came out got a passing grade so keep up the great effort teamies!

I spent the rest of the evening in detention with Coach discussing how we could have raced better as a team and how we could have changed tactics that may have altered the course of the race.  Don’t feel too bad for me though because this detention serves beer.

See you next week for what promises to be another quick-fire school session.   Can’t wait to see what lessons I learn next week.  To school or be schooled that is the question.  Hope to see you all there.



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