SFTT Hill Climb 7-1-2010

Conditions: wet roads, intermittent rain, slight breeze
13 racers
Just the basics for this report.  Great turnout, thanks for representing folks!!  It is a pleasure to watch you all ride/compete.  Quick note:  there was some confusion as to whether drafting is allowed during the SFTT series.  Obviously, this can make a huge difference with the incorporation of the valley 20K course.  So far, drafting has been allowed, even though in the USAT rules it is illegal (I don’t know about road time trial format).  I suppose we should come to a consensus on this so everyone is clear.  Greg?
So here are the results:  Scottie smashed the fastest time up the hill this year by almost a minute, finishing in 14:20.  Karl was close behind (also bettering his time up the hill) at 14:47.  Newbie Landon B.  (that’s Beckner, not Beiber), blew the field away for a third place finish with a time of 16:45 (I’ll put in fine print here that this beats Greg’s fastest time this year!! 🙂 Where was Greg last night??, must have been working on the wedding registry.)
Jane demonstrated her usual grit, taking a minute off her pervious climb, winning the women’s race in 20:32.  Newbie Mara Menahan rode a strong second in a time of 22:06.  Coming in third was Jen Griggs with a time of 24:18.
Scottie Herzig 14:20 (fastest male time this year)
Karl Vanderwood  14:47
Landen Beckner  15:45
Jeff Procter  16:54
Rober Ray 17:28 **best time of year
Randy Beckner  17:31
Aubrey Curtis  17:37 **best time of year
Rick Finley  19:30 ** best time of year
Byron Deford  20:21
Phil W.  20:39  **best time of year
Jane O’Driscoll  20:32 **best time of year (and fastest female time this year)
Mara Menahan  22:06
Jen Griggs  24:18

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