Hell Ride Report 7-6-2010

Given the weather forecast and Laura’s email plea to increase turnout at the weekly Hellride, I was expecting the biggest group yet. Not to be. That’s ok, we had an excellent training session on a beautiful evening. I counted 13:

Geoff Proctor, Scott Herzig, Landen Beckner, Mark Brooke, Randall Green, Robert Ray, Jane O’Driscoll, Greg Wirth, Laura Morin Holien, David Holien, Steve Creigh, Mike Jacobson and David Hamer

We divided into three groups to work on team tactics. Any questions? “Yes, where is the finish of rally #2” I asked as if it mattered, which for me, as it turns out, it did not matter as I hoped it would. . . . We rolled out just past 6 for the usual warm-up. We practiced our counter-clockwise rotating pace-line. Another question, shouldn’t this be clockwise given the wind was coming from our right? That way the recovery line is blocking the wind for the effort line.
We hit the second RR tracks and started the first effort. The pace was moderate until about the half way point, where 13 became 6 (Geoff, Scott, Robert, Greg, Landen and David Holien) and out of my sight. I’m not sure of the finish order except that Geoff took 1st and Scotty 2nd. I dropped off and was in 7th by myself with Laura and Mark charging hard. I rested a bit and drafted a fair amount once they caught me-hey, they weren’t on my team! I waited for the only downhill portion and jumped. What, Laura is still there?!? I drafted Laura a bit, recovered and then gave one more effort and finished 7 with Laura and Mark B in 8 and 9. Laura, you were riding very strong given your first Hellride and all the studying and test taking you’ve been doing.
After regrouping at the fire station we set off for #2. Scotty, my team captain, predicted that I would win the second rally. I knew this would be a monumental task given the caliber of all 13 athletes, but I also knew that on a given day, I really could. I had the team members to protect me and to do the work and lead me out. They did there job well, but in the last few hundred meters I was not able to react well to the jump that Geoff and Mark B made. Scotty gave me one last look and then began his chase. Again it was Geoff and then Scotty. Again, sorry I don’t remember the rest of the finish order, but I do remember this. . .JANE O’DRISCOLL IS AN ANIMAL!!! Jane flew by me. I stood up to try and chase her down. Two rotations my legs said “sit down” so I did. I continued to try and chase Jane, but she kept pulling away. Jane you had an amazing finish on that second rally. This after running the VIG workout earlier. . . all I did was swim. . . nice job! Jane 5 David Hamer 6 (I think or 4-5 who knows?) (Good news for me . . . it was not HR or fitness, it was simply weekend fatigued legs).
After regrouping at Lincoln road we set off on #3. Pace felt easy but was fast given the downhill and slight tailwind. But not a hard effort as we did not have to chase down Randy Beckner this week as he took advantage of the morning/afternoon for his ride. At the base of the climb I reacted to the jump. I stood and tried to perform my powerjump. . . again, the legs said “sit down” so I did. This time Scotty got the better of Geoff, followed by, again not necessarily in this order, David Holien, Greg??, Mark B, Robert, me and the rest.
Ride back into town I got two thumbs up on the Toy Story 3 movie from Laura and David. I will have to take the kids. It was fun. See you next time. Currently forecast at 86 degrees.
Regards, Dave Hamer


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