Hell Ride Report 7-13-2010


So there were triathlons, bike races, and all sort of other fun/hard stuff going on this past weekend. And it was windy tonite – no lie- 15-30 mph, with gusts to 40 mph out of the west. But you know, we had 7 riders (well 8 showed up and then one dropped off with a comment about “no legs tonite”) and a great work out. Among the hardy: Team Velo – Scott, Karl, Shane, and Landon, plus Joe, Randell and me. Nice to have the pace line out to the base of the Birdseye hill, but then Scott/Karl decided to bust out the ole’ jump move which broke things up. Joe and I managed to hang on with our tongues hangin’ out while the boys in butterscotch decided to show mercy and dial it back a notch (after putting on the hurt). Another jump about 200 meters before the saw mill left Joe and I duking it out to Fire Station finish for third place. Results: Karl,Scott, Robert.

Next stage had Scott and Karl sittin’ back while Shane cranked out the mph and watts, with Landon doing some of hard work at the front as well. Shane the work horse, pulled the train down to the bottom of the new Silver Creek crossing and up the other side while those at the front tried to hold back and not jump too soon. Well, I did, and then watched Scott, Landon and Shane finish 1,2,3.

Last leg was really fast. After the tracks and some very high speed coasting (~23mph) with the wind at our backs, and then some cruisin’ spinning, Landon and I did some pulling that got us away from the pack (Landon’s probably spinning at 130 rpm) for most of the leg. About 2/3 mile from the bottom of the hill Scott moves up, with Shane close behind. Scott takes a turn pulling to get Landon and I to close to the base of the climb and away from Shane, then drops back to watch the fun. I try and keep Landon on my wheel’s sweet spot and get him to jump just at the pull out – perfect! Off he goes big time! Finish Landon, (huge gap) Robert, Shane.

And yes there were prizes.

So there you have it. Perfect temperature, winds to challenge and make things interesting, good clean (sweaty) fun, couldn’t be better… so how about next week?



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