VineMan 70.3 race report

First off – Great Job Britt and Carrie – just one unanswered question; “Was there any stroke besides the freestyle used at any point during your swims?”

Wow! I was totally impressed with Santa Rosa, Windsor and Guernville California. These people know how to put on a race in style. The swim venue and T1 where in Guernville, a small community on the Russian River. The swim was upstream from one of the damns on the river, you swam up against a very small current and back with the current. The water tempature was wonderful 72. The race started in waves, so only had about 150 people to contend with in my wave, however I caught people from previous waves.

The bike started with an uphill climb right out of T1 – lots of folks running bikes up the hill, not me – the couple of hell rides really helped. I really enjoyed the bike, lots of ups and downs, but only one major climb that was about 3 miles long and only gained 500 feet or so. The downhills where fast and fun and the flats had views of vineyards, nice houses and great towns.

The run was mostly flat with a some elevation gain before the turn-around that was a figure 8 in the La Crema winery around ponds. I felt pretty good on the run until about mile 8, then my stomache was sloshing all the water and gateraide I’d consumed throughout the day trying to keep hydrated as it got pretty warm. I really need to do more “BRICKS”

All-in-all a great venue, great event and fun vacation.



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