Lake Placid Triathlon Report

Hey All –
Sitting here on my sister’s porch with my feet up watching the lake -first day of clear skies and bright sun in a week, or at least since I have been here. First morning in week I have been up this early, go figure…
Lake Placid is an unbelievable venue, goes without saying that this tiny little village is quite sports oriented!! The town was completely closed off to traffic and there must of been 15000 people walking around and lining the streets. The Olympics must have been something to see.
So there were 2700 entrants – kind of a big field – that were treading water when the cannon went off. With a 2 loop course, it was a tight full contact swim the whole way! Came out in 1:09, which was nice. I thought if I had a good swim I could break 1:10. We had quite a little jog, about 2 or 3 blocks to get to T1, but it was carpeted the whole way and the transition area was really well organized. First part of the bike was fun – coasting at 40mph for a few miles. Nice flats and some rollers in the middle, climbing back to town the last 10 miles – then repeat. Got done with that in pretty good shape – 6:11 – and happy with that. Oh, talked to our old pal Brittany – briefly -on the bike somewhere out on the course. The finish to each of the two loops of the bike was through town and along the flags of nations along the hockey arena – totally awesome and insirational!
The run…hmmmmm….came off the bike feeling, I thought, pretty good. About 3 miles in, I started cramping hard enough to momentarily consider amputation! Struggled with that the rest of the way – the chicken broth and cola seemed to be the best stuff that was helping. Speed walked most of the time, ran when I could – I actually passed a fair amount of people the last 5 or 6 miles to cross in 5:44. The finish to the race was a half loop on the speed skating oval, again totally inspirational when you consider what happened there! So the first IM for me ended in 13:16, totally happy with that and cannot the believe the day has come and gone already after being a target for the last year. At the moment, my sister wants to know if I want to accompany here on her morning 5 milers….ha-ha, she’s nuts…
Thanks for the emails, texts and well-wishes!!


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