Hell Ride 8-10-2010

Hell ride report for August 10th

The story starts the night before at the team party we a discussion of how I haven’t been to a hell ride yet and if I even know how to still ride a road bike. With a little push and a commitment from Mike that he would ride if I ride… I’m in I said ( knowing I can suffer with the best of them)

Tuesday after work the clouds are building in the west. I keep starring at my Blackberry watching the Doppler radar wondering if anyone would really show… With the commitment I made over a beer with Mike I had to get on my bike and get in the storm. ( show no weakness )

I made I to spring meadow lake to find 10 brave souls on there bikes all hiding under a picnic table cover (note picture)

With a strong concern with the groups safety, Mark called that the ride just go right to Byron’s house where the first sprint happened. You would think that with my past year of beer drinking I would be well tuned for such a race, but I didn’t even place. .. Mark won the day closely fallowed by Robert and in third and still on the podium was Byron… I was last!! how could I be last at a beer drinking race. These guys are good at everything!

Till next week and hopefully with better weather. I’ll try this again


(editor note: if you include pics I will try to pos them, thanks)


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