Hell Ride Report: 8-17-2010

Well, I guess it’s my turn to do the Hell Ride write up, so here goes.

Eight hardy souls showed up to contest the penultimate Hell Ride tonight. Byron, Mark, Dave, Randall, Greg, Meghan, Rick, and myself rolled off at 6:00 sharp, and after a nice double paceline run to the tracks, the attacks started. And I went off the back. I swear, I felt good yesterday! Anyway, a bunch of people did a bunch of stuff and rumor has it that Mark pulled off the win at the firehouse.

After regrouping, we headed off for the stage 2. The group stayed together through the rollers until the attacks started again on the final stretch into the corner. And I went off the back. Did I say I felt good yesterday? Attacks and counter attacks were flying left and right (at least I think they were) and Mark again took top honors.

After regrouping at Lincoln road we set off on stage 3. Knowing I had no pop in my legs I got myself to the front and attacked just past the tracks. Not surprisingly, they let me go. Rick caught me about a mile before the hill. Looking back the group was still a long way off. We might just pull this off! But it was not to be – with my legs burning and lungs bursting, the freight train swallowed us up exactly at the bottom of the hill. If I wasn’t the one being caught it would have been beautiful. OK, maybe it still was. And I went off the back. They came past at such a pace, that they were out of sight around the corner when they crossed the line. I’ve been told that Mark pulled off the hat trick and took the final sprint, too. Way to go Mark!

Thanks to everyone for a great ride. We don’t get nights like this too often! Oh, and sorry for not remembering 2nd and 3rd at the sprints. I know you guys told me, but did you really think I’d be able to remember in my addled state?



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