WERKS Mountain Bike Race Report

I survived!  Actually, it wasn’t too bad.  While there were only 2 of us in the single speed class, that other guy was Shane Mundt…  As in MT Velo, usually races Cat 1 Shane Mundt.  So little hope for a victory for me out of the two of us!  I had strategic dismounts planned for the two steep short uphills climbs up out of Water Line trail on the south end so I could save energy.  I leapfrogged with a guy the whole race where I could hold his wheel while climbing up Rodney Ridge and I would pass him on the double track before the top so I could lead down Don’t Fence Me In.  Then I had a little pride that I could drop him out of sight by the time I had descended down to Water Line, even though he was on a pretty nice looking Marin full suspension bike and I was on the hardtail.  But my 34:22 gearing could only carry me so fast on the Water Line trail and by the time we got to the south end and I would do my slick cyclocross-style run up, he would be back on my wheel and I would let him pass me as I walked/jogged up those damn climbs.  Then I would catch up to him again and we would repeat this leap frog on every lap.  Until the last lap where three people passed me on my run up!!  Then I cramped up on that last lap climbing up from Water Line and had to do a couple more dismounts so walk it off.  But I fought back and passed two of those people again before the finish.  I actually passed one of the guys while I coasted downhill in an aero tuck on the dirt road, I think that’s funny because I have no gears to use at that speed so it is all gravity powered.



One thought on “WERKS Mountain Bike Race Report

  1. Good job Ed! I think there was a reason there were only two single speeders… That looked tough!
    Do you know if the race results were posted anywhere?

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