Ironman Wisconsin 2010: Race Report #3

Wow Steve!  I”m not sure if I can add on top of that! (Race report from Steve’s Ironman Wisconsin)

I will take some time to write a blow by blow as well, but will post it on my facebook account for those of you interested.

Here are a couple of comments:

Race morning:   RELIEF.  Finally!

SWIM:  I was a bit nervous about this portion…  I got in 10 minutes before the cannon (yes, a cannon)…  a bit cold with my short sleeve wetsuit.  I could see the athletes pouring into the water.. even with 30 seconds to go.  BOOM.  We were off, and magically, I had a great placement by the buoy’s.  I’m not going to sugar coat it, it was everything I worried about with a mass swim.  Arms, legs..  craziness.  thanks Karen for the suggestion of always swimming with a hand in front of you (think ‘catch up drill’).   I took my share of punches and kicks, and handed out a few.  I finished with 1:32.. and was EXTREMELY pleased with myself.. and oh so happy to be done swimming.

BIKE:  I started slow.  I read an article that said 80% of people don’t know how to do an Ironman, and come out wayyyyy too fast.  I let all of those people pass me up and whispered under my breath “I”ll see you soon…..”  Everyone in Helena would have LOVED the bike.   the hills Steve nicknamed the “Three Amigos” were awesome..  The people dressed up shouting at you were AWESOME (I think there were some frat boys who have a thing for pink underwear).  My time:  7: 43 was due to me stopping …   I know, I know, it was a race…  but it was MY race.. and I had family, and friends who were sitting out there..  and all deserved some hugs… I actually hit faster than my 15MPH goal.. while I was moving 🙂 (this doesn’t include a bathroom stop, a bottle drop stop, and a chain stop)..

RUN:  Hmmm.. what can I say?  I walked-ran all of it. BUT I never walked more than a 3/4 of a mile straight.. but I was conservative.. and didn’t hit my ‘wall’ until mile 23 (where it hurts as much to walk as to run…)  I ran the last 2.5 solid.. and as Steve said, the people were motivating.. and the finish phenominal.  I thought I would break down and emotionally lose it.. but the truth is, by this time, I was that stronger, person.  I tri because it breaks me a pushes me beyond my comfort..   and it makes me a stronger person… by that finish line, and the 9 months of my sloooww building… I was already an Ironman.. and the announcer just said it outloud.  I finished confident, whole.

The transitions were fun..  up a spiral parking garage or the ‘helix’..  I ran it after the swim, and the bike was super fun.  It did add a TON of transition time..  but it added it to everyone.

Total time:  15:39.  A bit longer than I wanted.. but it’s mine, and I’ll  own it.

I am eternally grateful for all the well-wishes, positive thoughts, training rides, and for watching us on ironmanlive.  I felt like I had a leg up, being from Wisconsin, and having many family members there to cheer for Team Great Divide.  And of course, my new husband is so friggin’ awesome.

If any of you are interested, I am more than happy to share books, plans, and ideas for your own Ironman experience.  Best of luck.



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