Kalispel Woodland Park Race Report

Woodland Park, probably the most interesting race course we do in Montana. A combination of grass paved walking trails, stairs, & single track. A 50 yd sprint to a hard left turn and then through the twisty parts, racing with people who have no idea of what they are doing and hoping like hell you can past them before everyone else is out of sight. My race took a definite turn for the better when arch nemesis John Coulthard took the high speed corner too fast, touched his brakes and went down. Ah ha, hes mine now. Unfortunately John took a much harder fall later on the course and separated his shoulder. I didn’t find this out until the race was over so I was constantly racing to keep a gap that apparently couldn’t be closed. My race got better when I started chasing Eric Horn a Cat 4 from Muleterro. Erics hard work and my chasing allowed me to get Blair Fisher in my sights but I was unable to overtake him and finished 3rd for the first day of racing. First podium finish of the year. Mark Brooke finished a hard fought 5th after a big training week.
Herron Park. Hot damn! Rain on a cross course! Fun stuff. The weather held and was actually somewhat warm and the course just got faster on the dirt parts and dryer on the grass sections. The start of this race was much cleaner as a hard climb weeded the pretenders out. I was able to keep the leaders in sight for the first two laps but they started pulling away and I slipped into my “I hope this isn’t too hard” pace and once again started catching Eric. With about 3 laps to go, I realized I was leading the Master B’s and no one was catching me. In fact they were dropping back even farther! Since I was unable to close the gap to Eric, I finally said the heck with it and worked on my technique for the last few laps. My first win of the season! A trophy and some great swag. Wow! It felt good watching Scott & Frank go 1 & 2 in the Cat, 1, 2 & 3s knowing I had done well. Mark once again was just off the podium at 4th and Wendy was somehow off the podium, despite finishing 2d in the Womens Cat 4. The sponsor grouped all the women together and she was beaten by the Cat 3’s and one other Cat 4 woman. An oversight on the promoters part that I’m guessing won’t be repeated.
Another successful weekend of racing concluded followed by the long ride home.



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