Rolling Thunder Race Report

Our friend Mark is too modest to write a race report. I on the other hand have no problem outlining what in my opinion was one of the more manly rides of the day. Mark started out well riding the first few laps at the front, alternating between 2d & 3rd. About a third of the way through the race the attacks started coming hard and fast. A usual Missoula rider, you know the kind you only see at Rolling Thunder, and then never again all year laid down an attack and Mark held fast for the first lap and then the man he’s been chasing all year Aaron Johnson started working with another unheard of rider. Eventually they pulled Mark back and “oh the horrors” dropped him back to 4th! Wendy and I shared a look of “is this it” and then he came back! The elastic had stretched, but in this case it only brought the two racers back to our hero! Mark worked his way back to 3rd, put some time into Aaron but was unable to close the gap. His efforts were huge and well his training made it possible, an effort like this is only possible with a great heart. He went deep, hurt a lot and was rewarded with a podium finish at Montana’s biggest race of the year! Congrats Mark! Great Ride!


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