Helena trio wins cyclocross championships

Reprinted from Helena Independent Record 12-1-2010


Helena trio wins cyclocross championships

Frank Gonzalez, Landen Beckner and Wendy Brooke each won a cyclocross state championship Nov. 20, pacing a powerful showing by Helena riders in the cycling discipline’s season finale.

Gonzalez, of Montana Velo, edged out a small but talented field of Cat 1/2 riders, beating rivals Jesse Doll of montanacyclocross.net and John Curry of GAS/Intrinsik, who took the second- and third-place spots respectively in the race in Missoula.

Beckner, 14, won his first state championship by beating Helena’s Mark Brooke in the men’s Cat 4 race. A week prior, it was Brooke (Team Great Divide) who eclipsed Beckner (Montana Velo) in a race at the Lewis and Clark County Fairgrounds.

Brooke’s wife, Wendy, won the women’s Cat 4, followed by Team Great Divide’s Jennifer Griggs, also of Helena.

Byron DeFord (Team Great Divide) took third place in the men’s Master B competition.



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