Rally Ride (AKA Hell Ride) Starting Tuesday May 3, 6 PM at Spring Meadow Park

Hello Teamies (all other welcome, too!),

The official start of the 2011 Tuesday Night Hell Ride series will begin on May 3rd at it’s usual location and time.

We gather at the Spring Meadow Park parking lot before the ride and leave at 6 PM – don’t be late. This a a fast pace “no-drop ride”, with three sprint finishes and then gather up to start the next leg and make sure we have all our participants (no-drop ride).

The usual (and traditional) course is out Birdseye Road with a warm up pace line until the second railroad crossing where the race tactics begin. The first sprint finish is the Chapel signpost right before the fire station (about 4 miles from the rail road crossing). We re-group at the fire station parking lot. The second sprint finish line is about 100 yards beofore the Lincoln road intersection, with the line at the Anna ..? dirt road start intersection (T’s in from the left) – about  another 4 miles. We re-group just before the interection of Birdseye and Lincoln. The a neutral roll out (no racing – maintain group position) to the railroad tracks across Lincoln Road where we hammer down (sometimes) for the third sprint finish- at the top of the hill coming back into the Helena Valley – last yellow warning arrow sign at the top of the rise. then recover down the hill and back into town. Re-group at the “Libation Station on Applegate/Lincoln and potentialy award prizes (random occurrances and low budget). Then in on Applegate-Green Meadow to talk about the ride, or extend the ride to Masonic or ?? for those who want more (miles anyways)!

I will be out of town until the end of April, so I really hope to see lots of you all on May 3rd, a bit before 6 PM at Spring Meadow parking lot. If you have questions, ask Bryon Deford, Mark Brooke,, Jane O’Driscoll,  Anne Gilbert, Randell Green, Jennifer Griggs, Dave Hamer, Laura Hollin ne-Morin, Greg Wirth, etc. And if I’m not there? – Someone else can take over, I’m sure!

Ride On,

Robert Ray


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