5-10-2011 Hell Ride

Well nobody else is writing this week’s hell ride report so I thought I’d try.

On the way to the lake I got a flat – right at the L&C library so I quickly changed tubes and sprinted to meet the group, picking up Sean on the way. We arrive at the parking lot with minutes to spare – but yet we still wait for last minute shows and potty breaks.

After brief introductions; Cory “New Guy”, Byron, Robert, Sean, Trevor, Scottie “Im drunk and pissed off” (inside joke), Michelle,  Steve, Rebecca “She-Devil”, Jadin and I know I’m missing someone, we start out at a moderate easy pace. Trevor ends up with a mechanical and falls back as does Rebecca with a gutsy “Don’t wait for me!” yell – She forgets that some of us need to “rest for you” and Dave joins us on the warm-up – man am I glad to see another big guy.

After the second set of tracks, I take off and try to stay out front – pushing hard up past Austin road, nobody yet. Grunting and grinding towards the firehouse only to be caught by the rest of the pack and passed… I grab onto Dave’s wheel and try to maintain to the finish. I think I was 4th or 5th and “New Guy” was the first to the firehouse. At the firehouse we rally, pee and try to get the heart rates back under control. We decide that Trevor must have stayed with Rebecca so we roll off.

The rollers to Silver City are so much fun in a pack! I think everyone of us lead at some point and there was some really strong riding. Michelle was nice enough to stay with the triathletes and we where in the second pack not far off of the pace.

The ride from Silver City to the top of the hill on Lincoln was a blast. The pace started a little slow, but Sean and I jumped out to take over and everyone stayed on our wheels until the bottom of the hill when – you guessed it – freight train! Whoose! so Sean and I rode calmly up the hill finishing dead last!

What a great night! Perfect riding weather, great group of very strong riders and just a whole lot of fun. Hope to see you all next week. The group leaves Spring Meadow Lake parking lot promptly at 6pm!



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