Hell Ride 5-17-2011

So there I was, the hounds of hell at my heels, a trip hammer in my heart and a bike saddle in my ass. The perfect set up for the hell ride. 16 stalwarts showed up to test there legs on the hades highway. Rebecca Shaw claimed the first win by staying with the warm up all the way to the 2d set of tracks.
We moved as one on the way to the tracks. Because we were such a big group there was no rotating pace line but the nearer the tracks we got the more the jockeying for position came into play. At the start of the ride there had been talk about setting up teams but this idea was vetoed. Just one little problem with that, no one told boy wonder Landen or big daddy Randy! Landen was the first to attack & 14 Team Great Divide members looked at each other to see who would chase, whoops, no one apparently. Jason Ames finally went to the front & took a hard pull, others took up the fight but by this time Landen was nearing the climb & trouble was rearing its ugly head in the peloton. No smoothness. No synchronicity. No catch! At the top, Landen, Corey R. & Jason Ames.
At the fires station, Mike Jacobsen attacked while I was in the portapotty & built an almost insurmountable lead. Almost being the key word here! We worked our way over the rollers keeping Jake in sight. Mark looked at Randy & said hey let him go, he’s working hard, he deserves to win. Well boys that was a mark for me, by then his tail light were all you could see. I dropped the hammer & found myself moving much quicker with out the extra weight & that apparently spurred the others on & the chase was on. Once again Big Daddy was only marking wheels & Landen was sitting in the easy chair. I felt that the only option here was to attack, attack & attack. So I attacked. No one else countered, Randy closed it easily & Landen shot out of the pack chased down Mike, took first with Corey in 2d again & Jason in 3rd.
The last leg was missing our customary tail wind but that didn’t mean the pace was going to be slow. Hard riding. Attacks? Not so much. Just a bunch of guys riding fast & taking stock of each other. At the bottom of the hill Landen went for the clean sweep, but no loyal readers he was to be denied. Who could take him down? Hammerin’ Dave? No! Mark B? No! John Tietz! That’s right the big fella took it over the little guy. A true case of Goliath & David only in reverse! Landen slid in for 2d & the Hammer took 3rd.
A great night of riding, cool temps, calm conditions & hot riding!



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