5-31-2011; Hell Ride Report

OK – Not to disappoint.
It was a dark and stormy night – no thunder or lightning – but electricity was in the air when 8 riders showed up – Team salwarts – Steve Fields, John Teets, Mike “the President”, Dave Hamer and I , plus Michelle, Scott and Jamal (new this year, but he’s been here before – ouch) from the butterscotch brand Montana Velo/Petit Outre. Unknown to us (10 minutes behind), we also had a chaser -Corey – who managed to say “hi” on Green Meadow”. So we started out nice and easy with a 10 – 15 mph wind out the west – dry. Nice easy pace line to the tracks, and then I picked it up a bit. Scott was feeling frisky (when doesn’t he?) on the flats going west and jumped, and then had to slow way down to let the pack catch his wheel, until the hill, when I decided to pull a hard one. Scott and Jamal had no trouble sitting in, while most of the rest of the group fell off. A bit of trading off on the front, (at one point I thought I lost them, but bit the bullet and hung in), until the short down and up, when the old man legs couldn’t spin like the young ‘uns. Scott, Jamal, Robert, with John Teets, not too far back.
Second leg- after a wait (things are starting too look much grayer now and Steve wants his leg warmers on…), off we go and the group is much tighter through the rollers. Michelle is up towards the front, with Mike taking lots of long pulls and Dave, and Jamal Scotty, and John also right up there. Down the hill and up the other side is where it breaks up, as it usually does. I can’t remember who led it out (Dave?), but lots of energy expended in that last half mile, to Anna Brown Road. Scott says Jamal should have had it , but he didn’t know where the finish line was (too bad!) and mis-calculated. So who ??? John Teets, Jamal, Scott – with Dave Hamer right up there too..
Still no rain (are we living right or what?) as we head out Lincoln Road for the final third sprint – but it’s lookin’ mighty bleak to the west… once again Mike Jacobson takes the bit and leads the charge with a semi-following wind, with the rest of the group greatful to sit-in and enjoy the ride- for a while. Again Michelle is also right up there to mix it up and keep the group (somewhat) honest. Again it’s a big group at the bottom of the last hill, but Dave Hamer pushes it out in front, with John Teets playing it smart, right in there too, . Once again, Scott and Jamal top the hill, one, two, with John, and then Dave right behind.
Sooo the easy “cruise”/cool-down, down Lincoln to Applegate, with a scary car encounter just before Applegate (car wants to pass car, and then bikes too?). Scarey swerve and brakes screetching with Dave and Michelle getting a shot of “Jolt Cola” but fortunately, no damage.
Once on Applegate the heavens open and we are “blessed” with rememberance of a flood, complete with (on Green Meadow) a covenant rainbow. Just about the time Corey says “hi”.
Hope to see you next time.
End of Hell Ride May 31, 2011.


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