2X Valley Time Trial Report

It was as dark and stormy night – just kidding, it was beautiful after the earlier thunderstorms that blew through. Prefect temperature, little wind and fast riding.

We had three volunteers, which was pretty nice so Theresa Green was able to man the turn-a-round by Masonic Home, Rebecca was starter and the “cone” for the second loop turn-a-round and time recorder. I tried to hold bikes for the start – sorry again Danika, and I read off finish times to Rebecca.

We had 7 time trial specialists, and a couple of teammates stop by. The men’s finish order:
Greg 30:04
Robert 30:43
Randall 31:13
Cory 32:13
Jody 33:18

and the women finished, Jane 33:33 and Danika 41:04 after being dumped off her bike by the starter.

Nice work everyone, see you next week on the hill climb.

PS: I will not be at Cow Country, but I will be thinking of all the racers and volunteers. Have a great day and ride fast!


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