Homestake XC MTN Bike Race Report

Well yesterday was my first ever mountain bike race. I did my first couple of triathlons on a mountain bike, but never a true mountain bike race. It was, in a word, a blast! I really enjoy riding my mountain bike, but until Ian wanted to race I didn’t think much about racing it.

So, yesterday we drove to Homestake Lodge to participate in the Homestake XC mtn bike race. I had not been there before, what a great setting. The course followed cross-country ski trails, forest service single track and a service road. One loop was 7.2 miles and had some pretty good climbs, rough trail, water crossings, muddy spots and fun, fast downhills. Ian, Bart and I raced Cat 3 along with a couple of other Dynamos. Joe Hamilton raced Cat 2 and there where a couple of pros in the Cat 1. Cat 3 left 10 minutes after Cat 1 and 5 after Cat 2. I got into the lead after the 2nd hill, crossed the beaver damn and the creek came over a little rise and found Joe H walking his bike along the trail with his left arm held at a funny angle. I stopped to check on Joe, at which point I was passed by the guy in second, who eventually won the cat 3 group. Joe told me to go, race, that he’d be okay. So I took off. I caught the guy that passed me while I was checking on Joe, but at no place that I could safely pass him. I was pissed that he didn’t respect that I stopped to check on Joe. Anyway, I was finally getting over being pissed about that and happy to be heading up the last little hill to finish when the guy came ripping back down the course and about collided head-on with me. That pissed me off all over. I ended up only about a minute behind the guy, but still think he’s a jerk! Ian and Bart finished about 10 minutes later one right after the other.

I hope Joe is okay. Let us know man.


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