8-9-2011-Hell Ride Report

So you all missed a great Hell Ride and a chance at prizes. Great riding temerature, partly cloudy skies, just a bit of breeze, too bad most of you missed it…
Byron and I got to talking at the gathering parking lot and decided that neither of us wanted to “race” and we were going to have a good work-out ride – but not race – no matter who showed up. Well there were only three of us, as Jason Ames showed up with five minutes to spare. As we rolled out I noted that there was a pretty stiff wind out of the west/north west, 10-20 mph. So the paceline out to the railroad tracks was wind on the nose, with us all taking pulls and keeping things cool. Even after the tracks and to the bottom of the hill, nobody was pushing too hard, just a steady paceline. Once on the hill, Jason took the lead and raised the tempo a notch, but I guess Byron wasn’t quite satified as he kept up wind of Jason and routinely pulled ahead. I kept thinking “this is faster than I thought we were going to go”. There was a short sprint to the fire station, with Jason clearly ahead and Byron and Robert neck-a-neck.
Short stop and then we battled a cross wind for the next hot spot. Lots of time to try out the echelon formation in the front-to-cross wind on that leg. Again, we stayed together and battled the wind together until the last 1/2 mile or less to the hot spot line at Anna Brown road. On that sprint I sat on the back for a while and then took off about 300 meters from the line and stayed out front.
Final leg, tail wind and smooth running, again staying together and rolling along trading pulls at a 30 mph clip. Final climb sprint, Jason sits on the back for the last 1/2 mile, and Byron out in front pulls down the hill and decides to try and break away. Isn’t able to stay away and I pull past him on the uphill and then Jason pulls past me in the last 100 meters.
So Bryon got the Windbag gift certificate prize, for his consistency in showings at the Hell Rides and attitude.
‘Till next week.
OH, and lest I forget, after the final Hell Ride of the season which will be August 22nd (daylight getting short for evening rides on the road), we’ll be going over to the Windbag to share stories, beer and food.
So only two more “official” Hell Rides this season, so get ’em while you can. And please join us at the Windbag (around 8-ish) to celebrate the 2011 cycling season and Hell Rides.


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