Mac Pass Clean Up

We had 7 brave soles to tackle the 2 mile stretch of Highway from the base of McDonald Pass to the shooting range. Byron, Randell, & Paul drove up to the shooting range and worked down the Westbound lane. While Trever, Alisa, Jeff and I worked the Eastbound lane.  Paul provided the vests, had put up the signs and also gave each of us a couple of garbage bags.
It was a bit windy walking up the Westbound lane, but other than the grasshoppers attacking Alisa it was a pleasant evening.  Jeff and Trever kept working a long way down the back – I thought maybe they were hoping to find a corpse or something.  Nothing like that was found, lots of beer cans and bottles. No money or new Wiler frames, darnit.
Anyway, we fulfilled our annual obligation for the Adopt a Highway program, and enjoyed a luke warm beer in the end.
Remember, no meeting this month. See you at WERKS or the Cyclocross race.
Mike Jacobson
Team President

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