Last Chance Cyclocross Race Report

Your team brought a great start to the MT Cyclocross season.  The team was led by wins today from Aubrey Curtis in the Men’s Cat 4 Category, a second place by Wendy Brooke (women’s Cat 4) and thirds by Will Snider (Master B), Jennifer Griggs (Cat 4), and Mark Brooke (Cat3).  Notable was the fact that this was Aubrey and Will’s first cross race and Mark’s first foray mixing it up with the 1/2/3s.  We will be expecting great things from Aubrey in future showings and hope to see Will at future fall throw downs.  Mark will need to spend some time getting his tire pressure regimen figured out and has been desperately looking for a spare set of lungs on to no avail.
Weather was great and brought the fans and neighborhood out in force.  Cowbells were generally controlled in spite of the calls for “more cowbell” by the more seasoned members of the MT cyclocross scene.  Dear readers should know that exceptions to the traditional last lap cowbell were strictly not condoned by the promoters of the Last Chance Cyclocross.
A truly heart felt thank you goes out to all the volunteers who helped with the race.  This is an awesome team and these race undertakings would not be possible with your efforts, the efforts of our sponsors, and the strong leadership of the team.
Go Team Great Divide!

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