Fun Group Ride: Heavenly Hell Ride Redux


Sorry ’bout the spam.  I sent this plea for company for a ride thursday night…but must have got filtered by the cyber nazi at Yahoo and apparently the e-mail didn’t show up till today.  Thanks for all that responded.  We did the ride thursday night.

I heard from Randall and Jenn G.  and hope to catch you guys next week.

Keeping with tradition, here is a brief ride report.  I’ll call it  Heavenly Hell Ride Redux : 

What a great night!  Angels and SAINTS  were smiling on us for sure.  Surreal conditions abounded.  I can count on one hand how many times I’ve ridden birsdeye with that little wind. That is after 30years of doing that loop too. (Byron, It should be noted for historical sake that I uttered the W word a handful of times and it still stayed perfectly still…wierd huh! ).  At this point I began to wonder if maybe I had died unexpectedly and this was my eternal bliss.  After reaching silver city and not getting hollered at by anyone driving a hillbilly deluxe pickup truck, I was nearly certain I had made Saint Peter’s cut.  Not even an impatient honk!.  WTH!  OMG!  Those share the road signs really do work!!  Rednecks must be easy to brain wash??…

As for the duo of riders.  I was coming off spending the whole summer convalescing on the boat with alcohol to dull the pain in my back (rough duty I know!), and my partner was a college student who was up till 3am wednesday night pounding beers.  This made for a interesting yet familiar and soothing aroma of beer and jack daniels shortly after we crossed the tracks to the “game on” phase of the ride.  The scoolin’  started shortly after.

Lesson 1
Success in life is all about having key pieces of information.  Age and treachery prevailed. I won both of the sprints because young Zymba didn’t know where the sprint points were.

Lesson 2
Enthusiasm does not substitute for preparation.  Although I could muster momentary speed because of  my excitement about riding again,  I did not have the corresponding training.  My legs started cramping about the time we hit the firehouse.

Lesson 3
Choose friends wisely.  Even after being duped by the oldster, young zymba still had the sympathy to see the plight of my cramping quads and allowed me to sit on his wheel all the way to Lincoln road.

Lesson 4
Heaven and Hel-ena.  Rolled up over that last hill on lincoln road and realizing what a freeking awesome place we live in.  Yep pretty sure this in my blissful eternity.  If it’s not I hope it looks just like it.

Hope to see some folks out next week.   Tuesday night is currently open and weather seems to be holding.



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