Cardwell Race Report 4-7-2012

Silas, Buck, Randall and I headed to Cardwell on Saturday for the Bobcat Collegiate Classic. What fun! The race start time was pushed back because of cold temperatures, but the roads were clear and the sky was sunny! The only road that was not dry was the Lewis and Clark Cavern road, the last 3 miles of the race. Darn it – they moved the start down the hill by about 2.5 miles to the maintenance building.

The collegiate women started, then a group of collegiate men. The Open class went next. The group of 9 started in a group, chatting and enjoying the day. Silas and I were at the back. I kept thinking that the pace seemed awfully easy, but I only had to wait a few minutes for that to change. Up the first nice incline and try as I might, I dropped off. Then Silas. Buck pulled back to wait for his kid. Randall was never seen again!

The three of us kept up a nice pace and enjoyed the day. At the first right turn onto 287, the Collegiate A men passed us. That was cool. The collegiate racers came as far away as OSU (Corvallis, OR), UW (Seattle), UO (quack, quack) and Idaho.

We cranked up the long climb, turned right, and enjoyed the beautiful day. I would fall back, then catch back up. On the last long descent, I lost Silas and Buck for good as they pulled in front. An OSU student rode up beside me who assumed he had been DQd. He couldn’t stop saying how beautiful the ride was! The sky was blue and the mountains were white. Montana at its finest.

The last turn is up the hill to the finish. Pushing as fast as I could, I sprinted to the finish line. Silas and Buck were coming back. I think Randall had his bike put away and had changed clothes already. A quick lunch at the LaHood grill and we were back. All agreed it had been a fabulous day. For all you women: I won by default. I’ll take it!


One thought on “Cardwell Race Report 4-7-2012

  1. That Randall … should have seen him climbing like a goat at the Sea Otter!!

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