Hell Ride ’12!

Hi Team Mates,

Are you just wishing for some great riding opportunity? Looking to challenge yourself and mix it up with other like-minded bikers? Well here it comes!
Tuesday, May 1 the Helena Hell Ride Series will be resuming.
Meet for a 6 PM roll-out from Spring Meadow State Park parking lot. We will commit to having a faster rider that will stick with any slower riders that want to complete the entire 32 miles with “challenging company”.
We have three sprint finish lines: the Birdseye fire station, the Anna Brown Road just before Lincoln Road, and the Hill top finish on Lincoln Road before descending down into the Helena Valley.
These are up-tempo rides with sprints and re-gathering the group to keep us together.
The Helena Hell Rides occur each Tuesday evening May through July, with a 6 PM roll-out.
The first 3 miles is a warm-up group pace line until the second railroad track crossing.
There might be some prizes awarded on some nights, but not regularly.
We’ll also try and come up with some team variations to keep things interesting.
Come one, come all, hope all can make it.

Robert Ray


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