Hell Ride Report 5/8/12

Better late than never, right? Well, here’s the hell ride report for this week. The second Tuesday ride of the season saw more faces than I can remember, which included Robert Ray, Steve Field, Russ Gates, Randall Green, Byron Deford, Josh Quarles, Rebecca Shaw, John Tietz, Sarah Slanger, Theresa Green, a cameo appearance from Mark Brooke, and Montana Velo riders Scott Herzig and Landen Beckner…(okay, who am I missing??).

As the yellow and red rolled out on Spring Meadow, we picked up the Montana Velo train heading the opposite direction. A paceline was formed at the railroad tracks as usual, with many loosening up the legs from a weekend of racing at Bearmouth. At the second set of tracks, the ride picked up the pace but most remained intact. The usual suspects were up front doing some work, while others were maybe looking for an opportunity to strike. As soon as the road began to tilt upward, the group was split…Scott, Landen, John, and Robert were in the thick of it, with John putting in a big attack just before the firehouse that surpised many and wasn’t countered. Impressive to say the least after his performance this past weekend. After a re-group, the train pulled out of the station and picked up speed for the second sprint. There were a few more tactics played on the rollers leading up to Lincoln road. The Montana Velo weapon was loaded, and at one point I thought Landen would fire, but the gun was holstered at the finish and I believe Steve Field came away with points at the second sprint? On the final sprint of the evening, Steve hit the gas and made a break, but unfortunately was picked up by the group…which then led to a big attack once again by John. Tietz definitley put a gap between himself and a group that never really themselves organized until a group of four riders led by Scott broke away and made a solid attempt to bridge. Once again, however, John’s legs were able to carry him to the finish with another sprint (solo break) victory on the hell ride.

Great weather and great company made this week’s hell ride another stellar evening. Many thanks to Byron for working with Theresa and Rebecca on paceline and other cycling tactics throughout the ride. Hopefully we can add additional interest in the Tuesday rides and see even more faces out there in the coming weeks. Hope to see everyone again on May 15, and once again on Thursday for the Scott Fisk TT Series season opener. Cheers.



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