Hill Climb Report (and a freebie)

Do not fear, I have not forgotten our hard work on Thursday night last week. With the SM Tri on Sunday, I spent most of Friday and the weekend strategizing how to crush Older Seifert on Sunday. More on that later. As for the hill, even I could recognize the strong headwind on the way up. However, that did not stop you fast guys from passing me at a standstill! Thank you for coming out and thank you to Steve for timing us.

1. John Tietz 16:25
2. Mike Kauffman 17:36
3. Robert Ray 18:01
4. Josh Quarles 18:24
5. Randall Green 19:33
6. Raz Rasmussen 20:04
7. Byron DeFord 22:25
1. Hannah Seifert 21:00
2. Ann Seifert 23:41

Overall Hill-Climb Standings:
1. Robert Ray 27
2. Randall Green 22
3. John Tietz 20
1. Hannah Seifert 30
2. Ann Seifert 28
3. Jen Griggs 16

We ARE planning on having the time trial in the valley this Thursday even though it is the day after the birth of our nation.

Bonus Triathlon-related Segment (optional):
Mike Jacobson and Sean Slanger put on a great race on Sunday. I know both my mom and I were happy we were only in charge of awards. THANK YOU for all your hard work! Everyone looked like they had a great day. As for my personal experience, I came out of the water about 30 seconds behind Big Seifert. I lost some time at the mount line, as this was my first race riding in clips. Thanks to another strong headwind, it was a long battle to the turnaround, but a fast run-out-of-gears cruise back. My inexperience running in cleats sent me sliding into my transition spot trying not to drop Ruby. No surprise—run was hot. Just like the good old training days, mom held her traditional hundred yards ahead of me and in sight throughout the bike and run. On the last stretch to the finish, I tried to kick past her, but finished 10 seconds behind. I heard we were a fun duo to watch…and all the words of encouragement (and competition!) in transition and on the course made it extra fun for us.

Hannah S.


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