The Seifert Girls go to Idaho

As some of you know, The Mom and I went to Hayden, Idaho this weekend for a sprint triathlon on Saturday and a one-mile open water swim in cda on Sunday. We really recommend this duo for any and all next year. It would be fun to get a big group, as we were the only ones sporting TGD colors. Only two things to remember. First, there is a time change at the ID border that can be very beneficial when you’re thinking you won’t make it to packet pickup in time. Second, Idaho gets rain. More on that later.
We found a really nice, hidden campground on Friday night about 30 minutes from the race start. We seemed to forget the detail of food, so ate leftover chips for dinner. At 3 30 am we woke up to rain. Luckily we had to be up at 4 30 to make the 7 am start time…
Very crucial for Little and Big was being in different heats! Six minutes apart. I was in the first heat and admit this was the most “combat-style” swim I’ve experienced. Combatting other youngters and choppy waves due to high winds in a warm lake made for a decent swim. I tried my best “valley time trial” mentality on the bike with a big gear. It was mostly flat with a strong head wind (20 flags down the main road told us so) on the way out and a cruise back. There were 5 woman in a special “elite” category that also started with my wave that I tried to key off of. The run had a few hills but after a high five and passing an elite I was feeling good. At the finish line we even got “finishers medals” (did I just do a marathon??). Then I waited. It felt like a long, but not long enough!, time until Mom came across. Results were instantaneously displayed on an iPad kiosk (ohmygosh). We placed with a 1:14:14 and 1:14:36. Who was faster you ask? For the first time in Seifert triathlon history, I was. We both won our age groups by 15+ minutes and I won female overall not counting that special elite category.
Saturday afternoon was a lot of feeling homeless and wet in the rain so we caved for a motel room at some place that I’m sure had “affordable” in the name. Sure enough, we awoke Sunday morning to more rain with a dash of thunder. We went down to the lake anyways and stood outside getting checked in. I was confused why there was an orange buoy so far out to the left…ohhh. They announced the swim was delayed until the weather let up. We were soaked. Back at the car we did the hardest thing known to man: put on a wetsuit over wet skin in a small vehicle. We were getting so bothered that we stepped outside for a moment when the lightning cracked right above our heads. I have never jumped in the car so fast. At this point we figured we would be taking wetsuits off in the shower. With the streets looking like rivers the rain began to subside. We ended up being able to swim and it was quite fun. We weren’t sure what to do at the end of the swim, so I just started running up the chute. Habit. Mom won her age group…and I bought a shirt πŸ™‚
Thanks for letting me share. Next up: bozeman tritons tri in 2 weeks. Have a fun off week!


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