Whitefish Triathlon Report

At the request of Big Seifert, I am offering up a report from our last triathlon of the summer. The TGD list serve has became familiar with my writing skills over the summer, but we thought I should stop being so selfish and share with all.
Anyway, this was my second year doing the Whitefish Triathlon. It’s one of my personal favorites due to the clarity of the water, fun hills on the bike course, and great race director (Stan Watkins) and volunteers. Of course it was windy the morning of the race, so the swim was pretty choppy. We like swimming in that, but as I struggled to stay on course, Mom was filling her goggles with water (pretty sure she did the whole race with one eye open). At this point I was feeling like maybe I should try that activity called “warming up” before a race because I felt pretty ragged. Mother makes us set up right next to one another in transition so we can “chat”. She was the first woman out of the water, with me a minute behind. I had some ground to make up, but slowly closed the gap through the bike (thanks to all who push me through those time trials! P.S. Hill climb championship this Thursday 6:30). We both got passed by another woman at this point. Boo. Again, the little duck followed the big one out of transition for the run (a nice out and back through the neighborhood) that starts right off with a hill comparable to the West Side. I took a chance and moved into second place here, thinking Mom would probably run me down when I lost the small amount of endurance I have. At the turnaround, I realized I was gaining on that first woman. Unfortunately, my legs (and mind) let her finish about a block ahead of me, BUT left me with a PR for any 5k. Ever. Undoubtedly, I can only thank Phase II (the only phase I ever do) and all you great runners out there for this.
I have to say, the men’s race was way more competitive than ours! Evan Eck defended his overall title with a time faster than last year and Aidan Reed set a fast baseline for his first time on this course (oh, and crushed the other person in his age group by over 30 minutes I think). Yay boys.
If you’re wondering, and who wouldn’t be with all the trash-talking that Ann Seifert does, she and I tied for wins over each other this summer. 2-2. If anyone should have bragging rights though, it should be her. As I always tell her, she is the reason I do so well. I will be going back to school on Monday and can say right now I, and my physical abilities, will miss all my training friends! Until next year 🙂

Little Hannah Seifert


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