Gran Fondo Kootenai Ride Report

Short version –
4 Team Great Divide riders: Mark and Wendy Brook, Randall Green, myself (and Fran for support).
Field: about 24 (men and women).
Day 1: 76 miles, 4,700′ vertical gain. Group split at first big climb. @ 2nd big climb 3 riders out front- Mark Brook, Robert Ray and Matt Lavin (Bozeman Masters). Gap at the top of the climb allowed Mark and Robert to finish 1,2 by a good margin.
Day 2. 97 miles, 5,900′ vertical gain. Group split at first big climb (different than day 1). @ 3rd rest stop before 2nd big climb lead group of 3 (Mark, Matt and Robert) got caught by Rich Greaves (Kalispell). Robert and Matt (Bozeman) got a gap on second climb and powered home to finish 1,2.
“Winners”: day 1: Mark B; day 2: me; Overall, me – and all that rode the course.
Analysis : great routes, scenery, very little traffic. Can’t say enough good things about the riding in the area. Well supported and put together. Stay in Eureka at the High School (gym or campus outside camping) nice – vegetarian options for meals. Long drive to start/finish (about 5 hours).
Weather: slightly challenging on day 2 with some rain – too bad it came just in time for the descents, although the 2nd descent can be taken at high (>>>) speed, even in the rain.

So do it again? YES!