First Ride of the Year!

TGD’ers: Mark your calendars….
Sunday, January 18th
10:00 am
Crossroads Fitness Center

Our first team ride will be a fundraiser “bike off” taught by not one, not two, not even three…but FOUR incredible ironman athletes (who also happen to be bike instructors). Think you know what a spin class is all about? Think you are in somewhat decent shape after getting on your trainer once this winter? Come see what happens when Eric Grove meets Ann Seifert head on, “glory days” versus “the real deal”. 🙂

The class will have 4 instructors alternating each 1/2 hour for a total of 2 hours. Ann was able to waive the guest fee for nonmembers. Suggested donation of $10 per person. Wear an article of TGD apparel and get your name entered into a prize drawing for a $30 dollar gift certificate to the bike shop. (courtesy of Sean) No sign up, lots of bikes. Be there or suffer me hassling you for the next 3 months!!